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“Do I have to have to use every single strategy?”

Absolutely not! You’ll find some suit your approach more than others. It’s all about trying what you like and finding the right balance.

The best thing to do is go through all the different Profit Plans and see what works for you.

Ultimately it comes down to how much you want to make from this and how much time you can set aside.

So get stuck in!

Try each strategy for size and keep in mind that you’ve got the freedom to pick and mix which you use at any one time – that’s the major benefit of this modular approach.

If one of the strategies makes a slight loss during your trial don’t panic, especially if it’s one you enjoy using (remember these are designed to work in the long term).

There will be strategies that work for you straight away and form the basis of your portfolio and others that you can go back and try when you have more time.

Find the balance that works for you, allocate the advised betting bank for each strategy and operate them daily using the all important filters. These will help deliver you a long term profit!

Remember, the more research and filters that are added to each method you choose in your portfolio the more profitable they will become over the long term.

I recommend using 3 – 4 strategies at a time but that’s just my recommendation. You can of course run more or less – it’s completely up to you.